Thought #1 Is different necessarily bad?

body image, social issues, thoughts

Why is being different such a stigma in todays society?

My definition of society includes everyone that resides on planet Earth. We as a species are becoming less and less tolerant each passing second, this generally transforms into discrimination, may it be using race, gender, colour, class or even orientation. No stone is left unturned when we humans decide that we do not like or agree with something as it may lie beyond our so called comfort zone.

What is “Average” and “Normal” and who came up with there generalised stereotypes to define an entire population? Why is it necessary for a person to fit in these pre decided categories of requirements in order for him/her to be considered “socially acceptable”?

As a girl who is short I often face taunts and remarks declaring me to be incapable and inefficient to meet peoples expectations.

What I want to ask is, Why do we as an “evolved” race stoop so low when it comes to things that are divergent? In such cases we resort to picking and plucking at a persons physical attributes that they have no control over and then we proceed to classify them into demeaning categories like short, fat, ugly etc. We call ourselves “intelligent beings”, so why does it not occur to us that when we tease a person there are high chances that the object of our mockery is the thing that the person is already insecure about and us ridiculing them for it makes them hyperaware of their flaws.

Psychologically speaking people who bully others so so to deflect their own pain and to receive attention. How is it so difficult for these people to focus on making themselves happy rather then humiliating others to feel good about themselves? and doesn’t this just make them into A class hypocrites? Inflicting the pain a person is feeling onto others who are probably feeling the same way does not seem like the brightest idea to me.

What I want to say is why is there a constant need for us to judge and rate others when we can focus on simpler and better things ? But most important of all why can’t we just accept and embrace the different after all we did state our dominance based on the fact that us humans are the unique perspicacious species of Planet Earth.


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