Poem #2 Anger


Like a raging bull it boils from within,

Like turbulent thunder it destroys everything.

A bold flash of ruby red ballistically blinding everyone

Pressing and prodding , whispering whimsically 

Urging you to give up , to give into the feeling of anger.

A beautiful madness it beholds within,

What must one so to not cave in?

How easy it would be to just surrender and let anger be

the ultimate annihilator.

But for the sake of humanity, to keep our sanity,

The containment of anger is our only clarity 


Poem #1 The Beach

fun, light, poem

Through the sandy beaches I see,

I see the unending sky and the shimmering sea,

I see the vast ocean of lore,

wondering what it hath laid out in store.

Ranging from mighty demons and more,

to tiny fishes and flows of yore.

I must admit it does sound intriguing ,

but not enough for me to go sailing.